We inform you that the National Park of Samaria will close today for visitors and will remain closed tomorrow, Wednesday, August 24, 2022, following a relevant announcement from the Chania Regional Unit.

For the next few days, there will be a new announcement after the acquisition of updated information.

Please read the relevant press release:


The Chania Regional Unit announces that according to the emergency weather report issued by the National Weather Service for today, Tuesday 23.08.2022 and tomorrow, Wednesday 24.08.22, heavy rains and local storms are expected in areas of the Municipality of Chania, resulting in there is an increased risk for hikers and visitors on the mountain routes, paths and gorges in our area. After this, it is announced that it is prohibited to pass through, stay in and approach all the gorges and mountain paths of Regional Unit of Chania for today Tuesday 23.08.2022 and tomorrow 24.08.2022.



The Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency would like to inform you that the Gorge of Samaria, tomorrow Wednesday September 28th, will be accessible to visitors for the entire length of the route from both entrances. However, given the weather instability of the last few days, we would like to inform you that, as is the case during the entire operation period of the National Park, if information is received about weather phenomena that may put in danger the visitors and the personnel of the National Park, the Gorge will be closed immediately and visitors will be asked to exit according to the instructions of the rangers.

In the event that it is considered necessary, there will be an updated press release.

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