Press release Saturday 04-06-2022

June 05th is the World Environment Day. It aims to make citizens more aware on critical environmental issues such  climate change,  biodiversity loss, pollution, and to encourage them to take active action to protect and sustainably manage the planet’s natural resources.

In this framework, the Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency and the Management Unit of Samaria National Park and Protected Areas of Western Crete announce that on Sunday 05th of June 2022, the entry to the National Park of Samaria will be without an entrance fee.

Visiting hours remain the same.  


Announcement for the issuance of an e-ticket

We would like to remind visitors that, if you wish, you can now issue the entrance ticket to the Samaria Gorge on-line, for the specific date that you are interested in, from the website: https://samaria-tickets.necca.gov.gr/checkout There, you can also find information on the different ticket categories/ exemptions, the route, the access, and safety within the National Park. Alternatively, you can issue your ticket upon arrival there. Thank you.