The Management Body created this website, in order to provide the most complete and accurate information about the National Park of Samaria..

Your contribution to this purpose is valuable. Send us questions, remarks, suggestions,
or lodge a complaint that concerns the natural environment, either online or call us on 28210 45570.
We will try to correspond immediately.

Stories, photos, traditions, legends, songs or anything else that you
believe renders the White Mountains a unique place, are also welcomed.

Press Release

The Directorate of Forests of Chania announces that tomorrow Thursday and Friday on October 28 and 29, 2021, the Samaria National Park will be closed to visitors due to the upcoming severe weather events. After assessing the condition of the path, we will come back with latest bulletin on Friday 29-10-21. From the Directorate of Forests of Chania

The Management Body

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