2011 Volunteer Program

Management Body of Samaria National Park, within the spirit of the European Year of Volunteering 2011 and to promote the idea of ​​voluntary work and active participation of the individual in matters related to the protection and rational management of the environment and in particular the National Park of Samaria (White Mountains), will implement a second consecutive year volunteer program in the National Park.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in activities related to the following areas (but not necessarily restricted only to)

• Collect, collate and analyze environmental data – Field work
• Observation and recording of fauna and flora
• Develop new paths and routes
• Preservation of protected area
• Pyrofylaxi
• Energy awareness – awareness – environmental education
• Organization and operation of environmental content library
• Organizational support

Volunteers can to participate in the program from the beginning of May until the end of September 2011 and scope will be throughout the length of the path of the gorge of Samaria and the wider area the White Mountains at specified positions. In its application to participate, volunteer candidates should indicate the dates and who wish to participate.
Candidates volunteers should be over 18 years and be insured by any insurer. Their selection will be according to qualifications and experience and should be willing to volunteer for one (1) week with the possibility of a free day . The stay will be free at various locations within the protected area, depending on the work that will include the daily program and will be trained and supervised throughout the duration of the program, the staff of the Management.
Also considered necessary to be sociable, to adjust to teamwork but also in daily occupations maintenance and cleanliness of the premises and will reside in the preparation of their food. The ability to live and work with people of different cultures and habits are essential. Should also be fitted with a comfortable and durable clothes, durable trekking or sports shoes, pouch materials, hat, flashlight, food and any polymachairidio other material required for their stay in the area . also should have good physical condition and resistance to hiking.
Volunteers will have the opportunity to come into contact with the enormous environmental value and beauty, natural environment of the National Park of Samaria, will engage in activities that are not used in everyday life, they will work with people who have similar interests and will actively participate in achieving a charitable cause.
Participants will receive a certificate of participation in the program with photographic or other material that will collect and use referred to any activity of the operator, shall be accompanied by such reference.
The Body Samaria National Park Management will provide letters of recommendation upon request. Note that the realization of the project depends largely on the number of entries.


Dr. Lymberakis Peter

Get involved here: file pdf or file word .

Read brochure volunteering .

For any information or questions contact us at tel 2821045570, Programme Officer Ms. Syntzanaki Athena.

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