Management Body Organization chart

The National Park Management Body Samaria advised of the following sections:



  • Office of Legal Support
  • Office Administrative Services
  • Bureau Financial Services


Department Management and Protection
Department supervised, Storage and Application Management
Department of Information, Publicity and Education

Staffing Management Agency at this stage is the following:

  • Office Administrative Services

Responsible Ms. Hamourikou Maria – TE Administration – Accounting

  • Bureau Financial Services

Rresponsible Ms. Constantine Saridakis, IP Accountants

  • Department Management and Protection

Responsible Ms. Peroulaki Elpida , Environmental Engineer MSc.,
Barnias Anthony , Forester MSc.
Demesoukas Ioannis , Computer Engineering & Informatics Msc.
Antimisiaris Minas , Designated Forest Protection
Koutsaftaki Argiro , Designated Forest Protection
Axypolytou Maria , Designated Forest Protection

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