The Management Body proceeded to the marking of the protected area. Specifically: 15 signs with information material were placed at several places in the protected area, at points close to existing roads. 15 signs, were placed at the central path of the Gorge of Samaria, following the recommendations of the Study for the Fire Protection of the National Park 25 direction & warning signs were placed along mountain trails of the protected area. 1 information sign at the North entrance of the Gorge of Samaria including instructions about the crossing of the Gorge.

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The Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency would like to inform you that, taking into account the latest forecasts, the National Park of Samaria will be open again from Saturday 24 September 2022, from both entrances, for the entire length of the route. It is reminded that, as is the case during the operation period of the National Park, if information is received about weather phenomena that may put in danger the visitors and the personnel of the National Park, or in case of occurrence of damages on the main path, the Gorge will be closed immediately and visitors will be asked to exit according to the instructions of the rangers. In case it is considered necessary, there will be an update press release.

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