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Recording & monitoring of fauna species of Directive 92/43/EEC & other protected habitats & species

    • Monitoring of habitat type

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Recording & monitoring of habitats types & flora species of Directive 92/43/EEC & other protected species

  • Monitoring of 15 habitat types & 34 flora
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Trail Cameras

Supply & installation on the field of 20 trail cameras Ltl-5210A (12MP)\r\nFinancing: GREEN FUND – MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT, ENERGY & CLIMATE CHANGE\r\n\r\n

Photographs & Video

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Monk seal & sea caves

Recording and monitoring of the monk seal (Monachus monachus) & habitat type 8330 (Marine caves)

  • Duration: until the end of 2015
  • Contracting Authority: SamariaNational
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Environmental education

Samaria National Park Management Body began in 2010 a program of environmental education which included visits to primary schools in order to inform pupils about

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For information regarding the National Park (eg, emergency notices, opening hours, ticket categories, the route, safety, etc.) as well as for the issuance of e-tickets, please visit the website: https://samaria-tickets.necca.gov.gr/checkout

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