Rules and Regulations Of Samaria National Park

Dates and opening hours

The National Park opens on 1st May until 15th October each year, from 7 am until 4 pm, with entrances at Xyloskalo and Ayia Roumeli.

Guidelines for visitors

Visitors can walk along the length of the main footpath. All those who wish to walk beyond the main footpath require a special licence.




        1.  Destroying or removing Park technical works and materials.
        1.  Cutting trees and bushes, uprooting and collecting plants and seeds.
        1.  Collecting and transporting plant soil and firewood.
        1.  Lighting fires in general and smoking in all areas apart from the recreational areas.
        1.  Camping in any form and staying the night within the Park.
        1.  The free movement of any animals accompanying visitors.
        1.  Displaying and erecting boards and signs.
        1.  Selling food and other items as well as their display or distribution.
        1.  Consumption of alcohol.
        1. Hunting of all animals.
        1. Removal or destruction of all nests, eggs and newborns and the general disturbance or destruction of wildlife.
        1. Swimming in the Park’s rivers and streams.
        1. Annoying other visitors.
        1. Dumping waste in areas other than the waste bins.
        1. Damage to the geological formations and cultural monuments.
        1. Photographing visitors for commercial purposes.
        1. Grazing of animals.
        1. Setting up beehives without a licence from the Forestry Service.



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Press Release Friday 20-05-2022

May 21st is the European Natura 2000 Network Day. It aims to make European citizens more aware of the natural riches the Natura 2000 network holds, of the conservation work they carry out and of the benefits brought by the protected nature to people and to our planet. In this framework, the Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency and the Management Unit of Samaria National Park and Protected Areas of Western Crete announce that on Saturday 21st of May 2022, the entry to the National Park of Samaria will be without an entrance fee. Visiting hours remain the same.