Suggested route


\r\n\r\nThe access to the entrance of Samaria, “Xyloskalo“, is made ​​by bus which starts from the central bus station in Chania and culminates to “Omalos“. The ticket costs six Euros and ninety tens (6.90 €).\r\n\r\n”Xyloskalo” is the northern entrance to the “National Park of Samaria” and the ticket costs five Euros (€ 5).\r\n\r\nAt the end of crossing the gorge you reach “Agia Roumeli” where the boat of ANENDYK departs towards “Sfakia” (ticket € 10) or “Sougia” (ticket 8,5 Euros) or “Paleochora” (ticket 14 Euros) or “Loutro” (ticket 5,50 Euros) or “Gavdos” (ticket 15 Euros).\r\n\r\nThe return from Sfakia, Sougia or Paleochora to Chania is made by bus and the ticket price is a seven Euros and sixty cents (€ 7,60) from Sfakia and Paleochora and seven Euros and ten cents (7,10€) from Sougia.\r\n\r\nIf you issue simultaneously both tickets to go to Omalos and return from Sfakia, all tickets are fourteen Euros and thirty cents (€ 14,30).\r\n\r\nTotal daytrip Samaria: about thirty Euros (~ 30 €).\r\n

Alternative route

\r\nIf you do not wish to cross the entire path of the gorge, you can reach Sfakia and Paleochora (ticket costs € 7,60) or Sougia (ticket costs € 7,10) via a bus and then take the boat ANENDYK (ticket costs €10) to Agia Roumeli, where you start in reverse crossing of the gorge (ticket costs € 5).\r\n\r\nFor the itineraries ANENDYK, Sfakia -> Agia Roumeli -> Sfakia,Sfakia -> Gaydos -> Sfakia, Sfakia -> Loutro -> Sfakia there is an offer at a price of thirteen Euros (€ 13), twenty five Euros (25€) and seven Euros (7€) respectively.\r\n\r\nTotal cost of the  alternative route visit to the National Park of Samaria: about twenty six Euros (~ € 26).\r\n\r\nThe management body suggests that the entrance to the canyon from Omalos to be done as early as possible. The crossing must be done slowly, with many stops and following the instructions of informational placards and guards. The visitors must have appropriate clothing, footwear and sun protection (hat, sunscreen).\r\n\r\nStaying for one or more nights in Agia Roumeli will make the visit more relaxing and enjoyable.\r\n\r\n

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